Utah College of Massage Therapy

They were having a promotion for buy one get one free. I asked one of my roommates, and we decided we’d go together. $25 for the both of us for a 45min massage seems like a good deal. While driving we talked about how we would only pay if it was a girl giving us the massage. Upon paying, I said “Is there a way to guarantee I don’t get a guy…?” The guy at the counter laughs and says “I’ll take care of it, you won’t get a guy, don’t worry.” We wait a little while, and a guy comes out and says “is Adam here” (Adam is my roomates name). I see the look on his face and in Spanish he says to me “Te voy a matar después” (I’m going to kill you afterwards.) A girl comes about 15 secs later and asks for me. I ask her how long she’s been doing this, to which she replies “This is my first day!” Of course I’m not too pleased, but I’m still better off than Adam. She wasn’t very strong, and it felt like she was just stroking my back and not massaging it, but still, I could be worse off….haha. We get out and I just laugh at Adam.