25 Feb 2006

the art of selling on eBay

I bought an AMD Processor almost 4 years ago for $55 (Athlon XP 1700). It was budget even back then, but worked well. It was clocked to run at 1.47 Ghz. I read on the internet a way to unlock it, so that it could run at over 2 Ghz. I had to blow out (with a power supply) part of the circuit board (the part that told the Motherboard what speed it should run at) and then overclock in the BIOS. Why is all this interesting. I sold it today on eBay..for a whopping $47 ($42+$5 to ship) So all in all i kinda rented an AMD CPU for 4 years at a cost of about $2 a year (around 15 cents per month!)