08 Mar 2006

The easy solution to problems

Here used to be a little problem of mine that was easily fixed. I have a roommate who complains at the most trivial things. He goes to bed around 10PM and expects everyone to be quiet. He complains that I whistle, that my music is too loud, and… get this. He complained once that MY light was on…. Yep, apparently the light exiting MY room, and then going underneath the crack under his door was too much for his poor eyes. Luckily he doesn’t share a room with me (the guy who does can’t enter the room after 10PM, so he just stays outside (in the living room) on his laptop until the early hours of the morning). He even sleeps there sometimes. To cut a would-be 10 page essay down, here was my solution, and it only cost me $118 incl. shipping.