Recovering from Jet lag

I got back to Provo, UT Saturday night. It sucked. I spent about 20 hours in a plane. I know what you’re thinking… it doesn’t take 20 hours to get to Utah from Spain. well…. it does if you’re a cheap skate. It was cheaper for me to fly from Spain to Austria, and then to NY, and then UT. For those of you who know your geography (in other words… those born outside of the USA) you’ll know that Austria is east of Spain, and consequently, in the opposite direction of the way we were to eventually travel. Unfortunately I’m a cheap-skate, so I opted for it anyway. Total time from boarding first plane to landing in SLC…..26 hours. Wikipedia states that the recovery rate is generally one day per time zone. that would mean I’ll take 8 days to recover. Not good, as I start school just 2 days after arriving. I flew SpanAir to Vienna, Austrian Airlines to NY and Delta to UT. Can you guess which was the worst ? Delta was the absolute worst…..and by far! Not only was the pilot terrible, but we were delayed by over an hour, just waiting in the plane. We took off 80 mins after boarding. The worst was that every 10 mins the pilot would announce (over the P.A.) we’re cleared for take-off, so it’ll just be a few more minutes. By the 3rd time I knew not to believe him anymore.

After all the strict checks through countless metal detectors (which, by the way, didn’t pick up on the 4 steel pins holding my thumb together) they were stupid enough to give us metal cutlery to eat with. Isn’t that ridiculous? They accuse people of everything under the sun for accidentally having nail clippers in their carry-on, and then give everyone on board a metal knife??