18 Nov 2006

Bond 21

Being the true Brit that I am, I had to go and watch Bond 21 on its opening night, even though it cost me $8.25. In the last 3 years, I’ve only been to the expensive cinema one other time (for Superman, and that was a date). Before that, it was Pirates (the first, not the disgraceful sequel).

Before seeing it, I was a little anxious, as not only would there be no Q or gadgets, but no cool car chases. I also wasn’t expecting Daniel Craig to be as good as Pierce Brosnan. It’s debatable. Even though he seems more capable of beating up 4 guys at once, he can’t really pull off being the suave Oxford grad he’s supposed to be. This is obvious at the end when he introduces himself as “Bond, James Bond.”

I got tickets to the 10:45 showing. It finished at around 1:30, but luckily kept my attention enough to keep me awake the whole time.

With a bit of luck Bond 22 will reintroduce gadgets and cool car chases.

Minor spoiler

The incredible Aston Martin DBS is driven for a total of about 3 seconds. This is unforgivable.