new tennis racquets!

Every now and again, I need a reason to start playing tennis.

When I was 14, I bought a Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 Original 85″.

A little history about this racquet.

It’s the only racquet to have been designed in the 1980’s that’s still being produced.

It has a cult following because there’s no technology in it. It’s just 80% braided graphite, 20% kevlar.

There’s no titanium, liquid metal, n-coded graphite, or hyper carbon in it.

Because of this, it feels natural and is extremely predictable.

It was used by Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, and Antony Williams

I won’t go into the technicalities of tennis racquets too much, as I’ve done this in a previous post.

It was amazing. I loved that racquet. No matter how hard I would hit, the ball would always go in.

It was quite a demanding racquet as not only does it have the smallest head size of any tennis racquet currently available (85″ instead of a more standard 95″-107″ -This makes it less forgiving, as it’s much more difficult to consistently hit the sweet spot – the centre of the racquet), but It’s also the heaviest racquet on the tour (at 12.6 oz, instead of a more regular 11oz. This makes quite a big difference when you swing the racquet quickly).

It’s also has the thinnest frame of any available (17mm instead of the usual 22-26mm). This gives better feel (accuracy) at the expense of less power.

Still, the reason I stopped playing with it was actually a funny story.

I was playing one day at Tunnels Tennis club in Exeter, when the girl I was playing with hit the ball way out of the court.

As usual, (we weren’t playing a proper match) I’d just run and hit it back anyway. This time the girl had hit the ball WAY out, towards the metal fence.

I was just running after it, not really noticing where I was. I swung the racquet, and hit the iron rail (and, of course the ball!) at full speed. The racquet ended up having a big chunk taken out of it. It never really felt the same after that, so I sold it.

In the years following, I ended up getting a Yonex RD5, 2 Head Ti: Radicals, and 2 Head Liquid Metal Radicals.

I haven’t played since the summer. Mostly because there’s no one (reliable) to play against, and partly due to lack of time.

I saw a deal a little while ago for 15% off tennis racquets at mid-west sports (based in Cincinnati, OH), so I decided this would be the best time to get my favourite old tennis racquet (2 of them)

I ended up paying about $110 each.

But why would I need to buy 2 of them?

Because after about 6-8 hours of play I break a string, and need a backup.

Should any of you like a demonstration, feel free to challenge me 🙂