Getting ready for a tough spring

I decided to take ECEn (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 380: Signals and Systems this spring.

It’s one of those classes that every EE dreads for several reasons.

It requires you to still remember all of trig, calc, physics, ECEn 212 & 313.

You must have, and know how to use either a TI 89 or an HP 50g.

You have to know mandarin if you want help from the T.A.’s. (I’m up to about 10 different sentences!)

It’s a 5 credit class….. enough said……

I figure if I just take this during spring, I’ll still be able to keep up my 20 hours a week at work and survive. Then when summer comes around, I’ll up it to 40.

So, if you were planning on hanging out with me this spring…… just check my class/work schedule

It doesn’t look very likely. My ONE class has 18 assigned class hours. Yet again, I start at 8AM. After I do my hwk, and “study” for tests, it seems I’ll just have the weekends off……….and you know what that means…….. It means I’ll be spending that time with “privileged” people.

Are you “privileged” ??

If you don’t know the answer to that, then you probably aren’t.