school so far….

Only 3 weeks left of the semester!
I can’t wait.
Our second test is next week, and then the final on the 21st.
The class is quite a beast.
The first test covered causality, stability, block diagrams of differential equations, probability theory, convolution of waveforms and impulse response functions.

I got an 80%.
This might sound low to a lot of you, but in this class (ECEn 380), where the average is usually in the 60’s, that’s an A.

The material isn’t the hardest part; It’s the workload. We have 2 pretty hefty labs due a week (Matlab programs), and 2 massive (sometimes 10 pages worth each) homework assignments a week.

Our next test is going to cover Fourier transforms/series, the Nyquist sample rate and interpolation.
Is it sad that I’m aiming to get somewhere in the 80’s ? 🙂
Since I’m only working 20 hours a week (yep, I have 380 to blame for that!) I’m still making the same amount of money as I was last semester, so in 3 weeks not only will I have more free time, but I’ll be working 40.