taking up Racquetball

I decided that since there aren’t really that many people in the USA who take either badminton, tennis or table tennis seriously, I should take up something they take seriously.

To start out with, I had to buy a racquet.

I got a semi-decent Wilson XT 145 for $50

It should last me for a while. It’s lightest racquet that’s available for purchase (although it’s discontinued, thus the cheap price) at only 145g unstrung.

Of course, I couldn’t stop there.

I bought a HEAD glove (this minimizes on needing to re-grip racquets)

I also needed some racquetballs, so I got some decent Penn HD (owned by the tennis company head) purple balls.

and, since I don’t want to go blind, I bought some eyewear.

It was pretty difficult to get a pair that didn’t make me look like a fag, but in the end, I found some.

I’m set to become a pro now, right?

If anyone in the Provo area wants to play, shoot me an email