new Racquetball racquet!

So, I’ve played a few times now, and am starting to like it.

The strings on my racquet were made of nylon (which are cheapy and junky).

Instead of getting it restrung for $25, wouldn’t it be better to buy a racquet that’s a bit more expensive that already has better strings?

That’s what I did.

I bought a Head LiquidMetal 170.

It came out a few years ago, but originally retailed for $200.

I got it (after coupon, of course) for about $80.

It has head Megablast 16g strings. It’s a multi-core filament made mostly from synthetic gut.

It doesn’t seem overly different from my last racquet.

It’s head-light instead of head-heavy, which makes the slightly heavier weight (170 vs 145 unstrung) seem negligible.

It’s hard switching from a sport that’s similar, where you know all about the different equipment, to another where you don’t.

In tennis, I know what makes a good racquet, head size, good strings, string tension, string pattern, grip size, weight, beam width, balance etc..

I’m sure a lot of it is similar in racquetball, but having only ever played with two racquets makes it hard to really know.

Again, if anyone wants to play, shoot me a call/email.