14 Aug 2007

new phone – HTC Titan (a.k.a. Sprint Mogul)

Since my brother recently bought an iPhone, I’ve been wanting a phone that was a little more than just a regular phone.

Is this an iPhone-killer?

It’s not really directly comparable. They both do very different things and are aimed at very different people.

Whilst the iPhone is aimed at people who want an iPod and a phone, this is aimed at people who want to do a lot more than have a music phone.

So maybe it doesn’t look as cool, or say “designed in California”, but for less than $200, at least I wasn’t ripped off!

I’ve been a little reluctant to get a PPC (Pocket PC) as it runs Winblows.

They’re known to have stability issues, and require registry hacks to get them working right.

Still, I’ve been wanting to do more than just call people with my phone for a while.

Windows Mobile 6 seems like a decent way to do that.

The benefit of using WM6 is the same as using regular windows. It’s the most common platform, and there are thousands of programs available for it.

There are more than 40 different chess programs! Unfortunately, I can beat about 15 of them, but still! that leaves 25 good options!

As far as PPCs go, the Titan is clearly the best currently available. It’s a dual core (1 core for the PC side, and 1 for the calling side). It’s also the smallest PPC (of those that have a slide out keyboard) Surprisingly, it’s not that big, and fits fine in my pocket.

I switched over to a Sprint SERO plan (Sprint Employee Referral Offer) and am getting an amazing deal!

$30 gets me 500mins, unlimited Texts, unlimited data (internet) with free nights and weekends starting at 7pm. I also get unlimited mobile-mobile.

Without too much trouble I ported over my number. Unfortunately I was without a working phone for about 24 hours 🙂 So sorry to those who called last Thursday/Friday