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As you can see, I didn’t do much with the site over the summer.

The green bar shows the total amount of times the site was accessed. The blue shows how many different users accessed the site (it doesn’t do it by i.p., but by your browser cookies, as if you’re behind a router, your external i.p. is shared with others on the network)

Now comes the interesting info.

It’s a little displeasing to see a combined 34% of viewers using some form of Internet Exploder, but at least over 60% of you are sensible.

If you split it down by rendering engine, it’s easier to understand the numbers

Firefox, Mozilla Internet suite, Camino and Netscape all use the Gecko rendering engine.

Opera uses the Presto rendering engine.

IE uses their own proprietary and rubbish Trident rendering engine.


60% for Gecko

34% for Trident

a few % each for both Presto and WebKit(Webcore)

Why do I hate IE and the Trident engine?

They refuse to conform to the W3C

Basically it means that IE incorrectly reads a lot of HTML, letting people be lax with their coding.

Because of this, if a web designer isn’t careful, he can code a website that will display quite differently depending on the rendering engine.

Safari uses WebKit (which is a blatant rip-off of KHTML, the engine behind KDE‘s Konqueror browser

Unfortunately for products that come late to the market, increasing market share is hard.

In the case of Firefox, it gained its roots from Netscape, and quickly became the top browser for anyone with any knowledge of computers. Unfortunately that doesn’t translate into good statistics, as most people who use a computer merely use whatever browser is installed on their machine by defauly without really realising there are better options.

For those using a form of Internet Explorer, or Safari, do us all a favour, and click the fox.

It works on all platforms