30 Oct 2007

class schedule for Winter 2008 finalised [now really final]

Like usual, I waited till 12:00 to be the first one to register (of my reg. date) to see a rather typical routeY lag. Fortunately I’m not running windows, or I’d have thought my computer crashed.

ECEn 451 is VLSI class and ECEn 490 is my senior project, where a small group of Electrical and Computer Engineer wannabes will build a quadrotor, with vision (a mounted camera) and an autopilot, so it can react to what it sees accordingly.

I’m also taking the dreaded Chem 105. I’ve heard horror stories about it, but I can’t imagine it’s worse than an Engineering class, so provided I do the reading*, I should be fine.

*note, this is unlikely.


I made a fairly significant change today. I figured I should probably take Magnetic Fields (ECEn 360) while I still remember stuff about Analog Circuits, as recently I’ve been doing programming and Digital Circuit Design. My new schedule. 3 four credit classes ….. my favourite…. 🙁

and you can probably apply anything I said about Chemistry to Magnetic Fields, only it’ll be much, much harder.