Quad core desktop finished!

The last of the parts arrived on Thursday.

The most important thing to do when building a computer is to make sure that it runs cool. Heat is the cause of a large percentage of computer problems.

This is usually fixed by either adding fans, or improving airflow. In the case of the CPU, you have to make sure that the Heatsink (which absorbs heat from the CPU) gets good contact with the CPU. I do this by using a special type or thermal grease made of 99% silver (a very good conductor) called Artic silver 3. You can see in the below picture that I’ve put a thin layer over the CPU.

I then attached the Heatsink and Fan

Then I put the RAM and Hard Drives in

2x2GB of PC6400 RAM (800Mhz)

2x Western Digital 750GB SATA

Then I put all of it together

Including the DVD drive, and the Memory card reader

And closed it, and connected all the cables to it.

And connected it to all my stuff.

I’m using the same monitor (BenQ FP241W) and speakers (Logitech Z-5500) and mouse (Logitech G7)

Pictured to the left is my Thinkpad T61, that’s connected to the monitor via a dock.