how to fix an annoying firefox bug

I know a lot of people who would notice firefox bugs, but, as they aren’t coders, don’t do anything about it.

There is another way. The beauty of firefox’s ‘about:config’

Think of it as a windows registry. You can enable/disable and modify many of the browsers features without coding or compiling.

I was having a pretty annoying bug in firefox.

When my mouse in in the bottom left hand of the the screen, a right click would switch page direction. REALLY ANNOYING.

I’m not sure the cause. when you right click, the last option is ‘switch page direction,’ and it seems to get selected by just right clicking when your cursor is in the bottom right corner.

so, to fix this:

Type “about:config” into the address bar.

In the “Filter:” text box, type “bidi”

double click on the first entry (should be “bidi.browser.ui”)

This should change the value to ‘false’

the restart firefox, and that option will no longer be available!

It’s just an option for right-to-left languages anyway, which most won’t need.

There are lots of things you can fix in about:config.

The best thing is, if you screw something up, just delete your profile, and create a new one (although it’s probably best to just make a backup of your profile first, as your profile may have useful bookmarks etc..)

While I’m at it, I’ll share another cool tip.

Remember how the older versions of firefox had just one close tab button?

I happened to prefer this, rather than separate close buttons on each tab.

to change this


value 1=default

value 2=no close buttons (funny, as you can close tabs with CTRL-W, and this will confuse people)

value 3=old firefox style.

remove the ‘go’ button that no one uses anyway


set to true.