17 Jun 2008

Firefox 3

After 34 months in development, Firefox 3 has been released today!

I’ve previously talked a little about web standards here

There are several reasons you should actually pick your web browser (i.e., not just use the system default Internet Exploder)

What are they?

  1. Does it correctly render websites?

  2. Is it secure?

  3. Is it stable?

  4. Is it efficient? (low memory usage, fast rendering of Javascript etc..)

  5. Is it extensible? (through plugins/extensions)

For that entire list, Firefox 3 is a huge increase over Firefox 2 (and obviously Internet Exploder.)

I won’t go into too many details, as there are plenty of other sites that have talked about the improvements. But, the main ones are much better memory usage (it won’t use up tons of RAM if you have a bunch of tabs open). It has a much better (SQLite) Bookmark system. The theme automatically matches your OS theme.

I’ve been using Firefox 3 as my default browser since about Alpha 8, which was over 8 months ago. That’s the best part about this browser. You can be guaranteed it’s really stable. It’s been throuh 8 alphas, 5 betas, and 3 release candidates. They’re not throwing out untested rubbish Micro$oft style.

If for some reason you don’t like Firefox, i recomend you check out the recently released Opera 9.5. It’s also very good, and far better than IE7.

What are you waiting for, click the fox to download it!