ever clean your keyboard?

I’m sure you’ve all heard somewhere that the average toilet seat is cleaner than the average keyboard. Why do you think it is? It should be obvious really. Keyboards never get cleaned.

I’d actually recommend doing it at least every few months.

Yesterday, I was drinking soy milk at me computer, and somehow a large amount of it ended up all over my keyboard. (And I’m usually so clean & tidy!)

No worries, there’s an easy solution.

Just pull the keyboard apart, like this:

you can actually still type on this part, providing you touch type 🙂

and put this part through the dishwasher (with no soap, and non-heated dry)

If you don’t have a water softener, the keys might be a bit stiff when you connect it all back together (be sure to only put plastic parts in the dishwasher; circuitry and water don’t mix well.)