ever wondered what game console to buy?

I came across this the other day, and thought it deemed posting here.

It actually makes quite a bit of sense.

originally, true gamers played on a PC. nintendo was just a company making toys for kids.

For starters, the games that seem to be played by hardcore people require a mouse.

All First Person Shooters (FPS) require a mouse (I know the stupid Halo fanbois think they’re good with a stupid controller, but they’d never beat a top WASD (keyboard/mouse) player.

All Real Time Strategy (RTS) games like Command and Conquer, Starcraft/Warcraft etc.. require a mouse and keyboard. Again, console babies will argue that they can play with their controller, but the truth is they can’t. If you’ve ever seen a Korean play Starcraft you’ll know why.

So, down to the other set of options. It’s joking at the fact that the best games for the PS3 are usually single player games, and that lots of people buy it to watch Blu-ray films, and not for gaming.

Then there’s the XBox 360. It is supposed to have great online play (but for serious games).

Then there’s the Wii. It’s thought to be the most ‘fun’ for playing with friends.

It makes sense. you can’t play halo with your non-gamer friends (read: most girls), but you can play mario kart with everyone!

BTW, I have a gaming PC and a Wii 🙂