Apple launches new Macbook

Apple goes any does it again.

What’s that?

They give very similar and comparable hardware and put a fresh coat of paint, and charge double.

Here’s the new Macbook:

I recently bought another Laptpop.

A Lenovo Thinkpad T400.

I got it for about $1100. Specs are as follows:

Intel Core2Duo Penryn T9400 2.53Ghz, 6MB L2 Cache

14.1 wxga+ w/ LED,

1.3MP Camera

ATI 3470 graphics card w/ 256MB Ram


320GB HD

DVD burner

7in1 card reader


intel wifi link 5300

If you compare that with the $1300 macbook (or even the $1500 macbook) it doesn’t compare. It even beats the $2000 macboook pro.

Has more RAM, a bigger hard drive, much better wifi. Has a full size Express card, has a card reader and has the same quality screen,

It only loses on the graphics and thinness,

But, for $900 less……

The other part I love about ordering a normal laptop from someone like Lenovo is that you can fully spec as you want.

You can choose whether to spend extra on the graphics card.

How much RAM, screen resolution etc.. (and the upgrades are priced ridiculously high, as Apple does)

The only reason to by a Mac is if you like OS X.

I agree that OS X is far better than windows (and recommend all my friends get macs), but I’ll stick with Linux, and an $1100 laptop.

Here’s the Macbook pro:

and here is my Lenovo Thinkpad T400:

Sure, it looks serious and business-like, but I actually like it.

you decide