finally, an update

This semester is my last one.
By April I’ll finally be an Electrical Engineer.
Unfortunately, I decided to leave all my worst classes till the end. By worst, I don’t mean hardest, but worst.
I’m in a bunch of G.E.’s……. including Chem 105.
Chem 105 isn’t hard, it’s just a pain. There’s SO MUCH busy work.
we have to do the following (each week),

  • Attend 3 lectures with the professor (with 4 iClicker quizzes per class period, so no sleeping!)
  • Attend 2 TA recitation sessions (that are compulsory)
  • 2 time consuming homeworks
  • watch a few chemistry tutorial videos online
  • do at least 1 lab on the computer
  • Read around 40 pages.
  • Take a 20 question exam on Blackboard (usually takes 2-4 hours depending)

Yes, that’s EVERY week. An exam every week? It’s crazy! They’re not hard, but it all adds up to a lot of time. On top of that, we have 3 midterms, and one final.

Fortunately, I’m competing with freshmen………enough said…. 🙂

Additionally I’m in BoM 122 (RM Version)
Sociology 111
ECEn 361 lab (my only engineering class)
Mathematics 214: Multivariate calculus. A huge pain of a class, with a bajillion formulas to memorise.