Oh Amazon…

I love Amazon. Their prices are almost always good, their shipping is free (over $25), and up until now I’ve had native speakers when I called with a problem. That is, up until now.

I ordered a $400 item last week. The package tracking shows it as delivered, but it wasn’t.

Usually I’ve had pretty good luck calling in to Amazon support, but today was a today disaster. First I called. I got a person I couldn’t understand, was put on hold, and later hung up on.

Then I decided to use “Live chat”

Here is a short excerpt.

You are now connected to Pradip Kumar from Amazon.com.
Me:Package was not delivered (as claimed) called, but was hung up on by Amazon CSR.
Pradip Kumar:Hello, my name is Pradip. I’ll be happy to help you. Let me check this. I see that the tracking is showing delivered.
(Notice he tells me something I already know (package shows as delivered), and doesn’t apologize for being hung up on.
Me:yes. but it wasn’t
Pradip Kumar:I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to locate your package, even though tracking says it’s been delivered. Sometimes a carrier will accidentally scan a package as “Delivered” when it’s actually still on the way. When this happens, the package is usually delivered within the next few business days. If this is the case, the original package would arrive sooner than a replacement, so I’d like to ask you to wait until January 17 in case the shipment does arrive.
Me:fine. but i really needed my package by this week
Pradip Kumar:I understand and I’m sorry about this. I see that it has already shipped and I hope it will be delivered on or before January 17. Just to compensate the delay I’ll refund you the shipping charges that you paid for this order. Will that help?
Me:I did not pay shipping charges
Pradip Kumar:I’m sorry about that information. That was not meant for you. Let me check this a bit further. OK, Antony. I see that the tracking isn’t updated. You’ll receive this package before January 17.
This instills confidence. He’s confused me with a different customer.
Me:It is updated. It shows it was already delivered (on Thursday)
Pradip Kumar:Actually sometimes a carrier accidentally scan a package as “Delivered” when it’s actually still on the way. I’m sorry about that. Your shipment is late, but not yet presumed lost. In my experience, late packages arrive not long after the estimated delivery date. Please wait a little longer, until January 17, before requesting a refund or replacement. January 17 is the waiting period.
Me:We’re not talking about ‘estimated delivery’. The item shows that it actually WAS delivered
Pradip Kumar:Yes, I understand that and I can confirm that the package isn’t lost. It’s on the way. I’ll follow up with you to see if you’ve received the package after January 17. If you haven’t received your package at that time, I’ll make sure to get a replacement or refund for you.
How on earth can he confirm that my package isn’t lost? Even UPS thinks it’s lost.
Me:How can you confirm? UPS shows the package has been delivered.
Pradip Kumar:Will that help?
Me:you claim you can confirm that the package wasn’t lost and it’s on its way, but that’s not possible, you can only see the same tracking information as I have and it shows delivered.
This is where I got disconnected again. Brilliant. Thanks Amazon.
It’s clear you can’t get everything in life. If you want good customer service, it’s going to cost more money, so arguably you can’t blame Amazon, as they’re just trying to keep their prices low. Still, I expected more from you Amazon……