Adventures with used car salesmen

No, it’s not what you think. This isn’t the usual dishonest used car salesman story.

So, I’ve been looking to buy a car for the last few months. I do all of my searching online, and only go to test drive a car that I’ve already decided would probably be a good fit. Anyway, I go in, test drive a car, and we walk inside to ‘run some numbers’.

The guy turns on his computer and notices that the icons on his screen (Windows Vista) are huge. He has no idea what’s going on and starts complaining. He calls in one of the other guys and says “what did you do, you made all the icons huge. What did you do! How do I undo it!”

I’m of course chuckling inside, as it’s pretty obvious that all that’s happened is the screen resolution has been decreased. I decide to keep quiet, as they both seem to be passing on the blame. Then the second guy puts his hand on the monitor and does the pinch-to-zoom gesture. No, he was not joking. I quietly muttered “You know this isn’t an iPad, right?”

Anyway, after a few minutes, they gave up, so I offered to fix it for them. I think their response was even more surprising. “Woa! how did you learn how to do that!”

Fortunately, I refrained from replying “By myself, when I was 7.”