How are tech savvy people unemployed?

I called my ISP today.

First, I asked if they supported ipv6. The woman didn’t know what that was, and put my on hold while she asked someone else. Seriously, someone working at an ISP doesn’t know what ipv6 is!!!

Second, I asked if there was a way to monitor my bandwidth. My ISP sent me a letter telling me that they had increased the bandwidth cap to 350Gig a month, but would _fine+ you for going over. You can actually log into the ISP’s website to see your invoice etc.., and there is an icon called “view bandwidth usage,” though it doesn’t work.

The response I got was “We don’t have a way to monitor that.”

To which I replied, “Then how can you charge someone for going over, when you won’t let them monitor it. Doesn’t that sound shady to you?”

IPS support: “I’m sorry, we don’t have a way to do that.”

me: “Then why do you have a button on your site called ‘view bandwidth usage’?”

ISP support: “Um…I don’t know”

me: “One more thing. Your letter says your bandwidth cap is ‘350 Gig’. Is that Gigabytes, or Gigabits?”

ISP support: “It’s Gig”

me: Deep breath… “ok. Thank you for your time.”

Seriously? Every year we’re more and more reliant on the internet, and this is who runs it behind the scenes?