27 Jul 2006

update on pain

I went in to get surgery a few days ago. My brother dropped me off, and went to work. The nurse came in and after jabbing me with the I.V., complemented me on my large (meaning easy to jab) veins. I then waited more. I started sending text messages on my phone (which didn’t really please the nurse, as since my left hand was out of action, I was using my right hand (the one with the I.V. in it)

They started getting ready to operate, and the anesthesiologist said to me “you’re going to be asleep in about 10 seconds”

I wake up in what seemed to be about when I would have finished counting to 20. My hand is completely numb, bandaged up and with 4 huge pins sticking out. The nurse comes over and asks me what kind of medication works best for me. I call Craig Meister, a buddy from Indiana to come and pick me up. As he’s arriving, the nurse gives some kind of disclaimer telling me that I couldn’t make any legal decisions for the next 24 hours. I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow before suing that amateur bike shop for screwing me over. I pretty much sat around for the next while at home, and decided (at around 11PM) that my hand was hurting, so the best thing would be to go to bed.

A couple of days later, my thumb started moving around inside my cast (I’m not a doctor, but my guess was that this was pretty bad). I went in, and told them to put on a fibreglass cast, and not a cheappy plaster one like I had on right now.

They cut off my current cast, and I had just enough time to whip out my cameraphone to take a shot of the pins(for all your enjoyment) before the P.A. gave me a dirty look.

He asked me if it hurt. I told him it didn’t. He laughed and told me they be removing the 4 pins with pliers…I replied “Well, I was hardly expecting the Doctor to remove them with his teeth” Here came Dirty look #2. I left, and went back to work. I’ll try to get a shot next week with the pliers.