How much does a good physical therapist cost ?

As most of you know, a few months ago I got into a bike wreck and broke my thumb, right where it joins the hand.

I had to have surgery, in which the Dr. drilled 4 pins into my hand to hold my thumb in place while it healed.

As you can imagine, it sucked. The worst part being I had to go on holiday with my cast, and couldn’t go swimming at the beach in Galicia, Spain 🙁

So, catching up to present day…. I got back, and 3 days later had the cast removed. At first I couldn’t move my thumb. My doctor recommended I see a physical therapist. Since I play the piano, I thought it might be a good idea if I intend to play at a high level again.

I went. The guy would push ever so lightly on my thumb and hold it. He’d ask

“Is this stretching?”

I’d tell him no, so he’d push just a tiny bit more on it.

I kept telling him that he needed to push harder, but he seemed afraid to.

I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer, so finally after the 4th time of telling him to push harder I blurted out

“Was the last person you gave physical therapy to a girl??????…..Come on man….push, I’m not gonna cry!”

He seemed a bit embarrassed by my comment, and used the excuse that it’s better to push too lightly than too much.

Needless to say, I didn’t bother returning.

A complete waste of my time and my insurance’s money 🙂

Instead, I decided to be my own physical therapist.

This meant stretching my thumb in all directions. I would do this while in class, watching a film, doing hwk. etc..

I soon got tired of having to hold my thumb down with my other hand.

I came up with a very simple solution.

A rubber band, that can stretch my thumb as much as I need it to, all day everyday…..even while I sleep… and for FREE!

Maybe I should put in a claim to my insurance provider and get them to pay me some money instead of some useless wimp.

The great thing about it is each day I just shorten the length of the band, making it pull more.

I’m now pretty much back to how I was.

I have about 95% of my flexibility back, and most of my strength.

I’m a little slower when playing the piano, but nothing a little bit of practicing won’t fix….. If only I had time to practice…..