29 Oct 2006

Release of Ubuntu 6.10 (codename: Edgy Eft)

Those of you who know me well will know that about 8 months ago I got fed up with windows crashing for the last time, and switched to Linux.

There are hundreds of different distributions, but I picked Ubuntu, as it was frequently updated, and had good hardware support.

Initially I kept both Windows and Linux on my system, just in case. Within a month, I removed Windows completely.

For those of you who are still afraid of anything not micro$oft, check out a screenshot of my desktop. You can still do all the same things in it. Play MP3’s, watch DVD’s, write essays, and browse the web.

I did have a little trouble trying to get wireless working, but it was worth it to be rid of BSOD’s (Blue screen of Death). All in all though, it’s not too hard to set up. For those of you who didn’t know, Linux is where Firefox was born!

This is a screenshot of Ubuntu’s latest release “Edgy Eft” that was released 26/Oct/06