13 Dec 2006

Stereo amplifier

Me holding my latest invention! A stereo amplifier It has mic. input, volume control, balance control, bass control, treble control and a speaker crossover network.

We had to build it for our ECEn 212 lab.

It’s extremely long labs like this that are the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately.

28 resistors, 6 Pots (variable resistors, 1 of which is logarithmic), 16 capacitors, 2 inductors, 12 operational amplifiers and a bunch of other wires I don’t want to count.

Those big blue things are giant capacitors. Used to convert AC into DC.

Top down view of the two capacitors (one per channel) forming my power supply

Speaker crossover network.

Basically it sends the low frequencies to the woofer, the high frequencies to the tweeter etc..

The white and black things that look like tubes of tape is just copper wire wound around a tube (an inductor).