11 Feb 2007

Mac vs PC ads…

If you’ve ever seen any of the MAC vs PC ads you’ll know that Apple is not subtle when it criticizes Windows.

The two basic points of the ad:

Windows crashes a lot. Windows gets viruses.

Anyone who knows anything about computers can easily see the flaws in this argument.

Apple controls the hardware, so it’s easier to have drivers work correctly (the main reason of crashes). The reason there are so many more viruses for Windows than for OS X (The name of the Apple Operating System) is because 95% of the computer market is Windows.

A virus writer wants to make as much damage as possible, so it would make sense to write a virus that can infect as many computers as possible. The more market share Apple gets, the more problems they’ll have.

Ironically, Apple’s strongest selling point is the fact that they sell less.

You’re safest if you’re running an uncommon OS.

I’m not defending Windows (they suck in a lot of areas), but a lot of the areas that Apple is attacking are not entirely Micro$oft’s fault.

Yet another reason why I use neither Windows nor Mac.