18 Mar 2007

main theme from "The Rock"

This is the main theme from the film starring Sean Connery Besides the fact that the film is about the only escapee of Alcatraz being British SAS, I loved this film because of the incredible music.

In the film this is played on horns, but since I don’t play a brass instrument, I figured I’d just play it on the piano. The “Gm9” is a genius chord that resolves to a C major chord. Pay close attention to it!

Here are the chords I’m playing for those of you who are interested. (the “-” means diminished)

Dm Dm Gm9 C

Dm Dm Gm C

Gm Dm Dm9/E Dm

Gm Gm Eb Dm –> F

Gm Cm Dm Gm

Eb Cm Bb- D


Cm Cm Ab Bb

Cm Fm Gm Cm

Ab Fm F#- G Cm