05 Jan 2008

Review of Brasero 0.70: gnome burning software

Built on GTK+ 2, the burning program Brasero is now part of the GNOME project.

Upon opening, it gives you a great, unbloated (cough, cough Nero) menu.

It easily lets you see past projects, to quickly let you re-burn them.

The program is split into 4 parts.

Audio Project, Data Project, Disc Copy, Burn Image. No junk, and no fluff like PC burning software.

An old version is included in Gutsy, as 0.70 came out last week. It is already available if you are running Hardy (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS)

The easiest way to get it is to just download the source and compile

as usual.

It saves problems if you get the dependencies.

sudo apt-get build-dep brasero 

then you just browse to the DIR and do the usual

sudo make install

Just make sure to remove the old version of brasero if you installed it (sudo apt-get remove brasero)

For too long people have recommended using the qt based burning program k3b. Finally now, with latest update do we get a program that does everything most people will need in a clean, efficient program with no bloat. k3b still does extra stuff, but the interface is much more cluttered. All I need is a basic program with an attractive interface.

Now, with 0.70 the windows when you transition between windows everything is readable, and the windows aren’t too small.

This is similar to the program I used to like when I used to use windows, CopyToDVD (also a great, efficient burning program)

I’d consider it a must have for anyone running a GNOME desktop.

It even lets you preview sound/video files before you burn them.