09 Jan 2008

Bill Gates admits Vista sucks

watch the 10 second clip here
I must say, as much as I hate most microsoft things (except Office), I do like Bill Gates.
It’s a shame Steve Ballmer will be taking over.
In the video, he’s asked what product in the last 5 years did not receive enough polish (bug fixing).
He very openly replied “Ask me when we launch our next OS, and I’ll be more inclined to give you a blunt answer”.

He’s not only admitting that Vista sucked, but he’s also saying that he’s not allowed to officially admit their mistake until they have a replacement.
priceless :).

So, if they keep saying Vista is great, and then the very second that they release the next version (currently codenamed Windows 7), they say Vista sucked, what should that do for our trust of Microsoft?