03 Mar 2008

New job

Being that this will be my last summer before I graduate, I figured right now would probably be a pretty good time to get an internship. I applied to a couple of different places, but figured that working for a smaller company, where I’d get hands on training from engineers would be best. The other advantage being that it was a local company, so I wouldn’t have to move somewhere, and struggle to rent an apt. for 10 weeks (honestly, who’s going to want to rent you an apt. for just 10 weeks??). The surprise however, was that not only did they want me to start right away, but they wanted me to stay on past the summer, and work until graduation.

I’ve had my current job as a computer tech for the College of Humanities for almost 3 years. It’s a great job that has flexible hours and a yearly raise of at least a dollar. They also let me work full time over both Christmas and summer holidays. Not only that, but my boss there is great. I couldn’t just screw him over and quit, so I’ll maintain both jobs for the next little while, until school finishes

Accordingly, this semester is likely to be my most busy one yet.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have taken so many credits, but how could I have known I would be working 2 jobs.

I’m taking 17 credits, (all of which are Electrical Engineering classes) and now 2 jobs. I just need to make it till the summer, where it’ll just be the 1 job full time. I’m looking forward to the time where nights belong to me.

The company, Novadrill, has a bunch of electrical and mechanical engineers who are building a huge oil drill. I don’t know much more than that, other than the drill will be a couple of miles long, and will be worth $750,000 each. Once complete, the company plans to sell around 100 a year.

p.s. they even pay my phone bill 🙂