04 Sep 2008

more BYU Book Buying shenanigans

buying my Probability and Random Processes book from the BYU bookstore
buying the same book (new) from a reseller on Amazon
Not buying from the bookstore -> Priceless.

I’m really fed up. Not only are they still playing their games, but they’ve messed me around yet again.

Before I get to how they messed me around again, I’ll explain their games.
Both of my parents work at BYU. The bookstore requires that they submit the book their class requires MONTHS before the semester starts, yet, they won’t tell the students what those books are until a few days before the semester starts.
It’s obvious. If you knew what books you needed, you’d buy them online. The problem is, if you wait till the BYU bookstore publishes the list and buy online, you risk not having your books by the first day of class. (they know this, and people are forced to pay rip-off prices)
Anyway, back to the mess up (seriously, at least if they want to rip you off they could be efficient and professional).

So, route Y finally posts the book list, and I print it out. It mentions 1 book for each of my classes. Good! I think.
Then, two days later, my friend (who’s in the same English class) tells me he’s annoyed that he had to buy two expensive books for English 316. I re-check the list, and yep, they’d magically changed the ‘official’ list, and added a second book. So I have to go to the bookstore again, now with freshmen crowds. PAIN!
Then, I go to my first day of class, and all is fine.
Then, today, I get an email that says the following

Due to some unfortunate problems with the textbooks orders for all sections of English 316 for the Fall semester if you have already purchased Technical Communications by John M. Lannon prior to receiving this email then you have the wrong book.

However, we have a solution for you.

If you have purchased a copy of this textbook that does not say “Custom Edition for Brigham Young University Edition” on the front, you need to return it to the BYU Bookstore immediately. They will provide you with a full refund.

It’s a little disappointing that they won’t apologise, but instead write, you’ve bought the wrong book. I didn’t buy the wrong book. I bought the book they TOLD ME TO BUY.
This is ridiculous. I’m a senior, and am supposed to be organised. I’m not supposed to be like a little freshman who buys all the wrong stuff. I’m busy! I’m not just sitting around at home waiting for an excuse to queue up at the bookstore behind freshmen!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m ready to graduate!