03 Jul 2009

New work

So, I started a new job last week. I’m doing server stuff for a small startup company. It’s mostly Linux, but as the world is still lagging around running Windows, I have to also. Well, at least I get to use Google Chrome while in Windows. All the machines in the company run Thunderbird to get email (imap) from a Debian Kolab Groupwise server. That makes life easy, as Thunderbird runs on all major OSes
I’m new to Kolab, but so far I’m pretty impressed. It’s just a regular email server, but, being a Groupwise suite means it also does calendar, contact and task syncing.

Much more reliable than stupid Microsoft Exchange server. Debian, unlike Microsoft Exchange, has an uptime that’s measured in months, rebooting only occasionally for kernel updates. Back to Thunderbird, Thunderbird 3 should have come out months ago (a year ago in fact, when Firefox 3 came out)
It really sucks when an ecosystem can’t progress because of lagging software (built in calendar, proper support for gmail etc) The perfect example is Windows XP. In a world of HDMI, Display Port, USB 3.0, AMOLED, Blu-ray, Quad core CPUs, Navigation Systems, iPhones and Android, should people really be running a 10 year old Operating System? Just what part of your computer (or any decent smart phone) could you imagine existing 10 years ago. Just Windows XP.

The fact that Windows XP is still around is, of course, because Windows Vista was a joke. If there’s anything I hate, it’s when people defend Vista. People wouldn’t be against upgrading if there was something to be gained from upgrading. There’s no excuse for what they did. It’s just proof of what happens when a company gets too big and loses its vision.

So, have they fixed things with Windows 7? Short answer is yes, but they should have released Windows 7 three years ago and called it Vista.

Oh, and my job gave me an Android phone (HTC G1). I’ll be posting more about that soon. To sum it up, the Hardware is decent, but fairly generic. The software, however, is way beyond Windos Mobile.