26 Aug 2009

Dad got rear-ended

Proof that some people really don’t think before they speak.

My dad was driving my Mum’s car (a 2008 Honda CR-V) bought less than a year ago. He parked in front of a house, waiting for a friend to come out. While he was waiting, a guy parked in his garage in the next house reverses out as fast as his truck would let him, and smacks into the back of my dad. They both get out of their cars. Clearly my dad wasn’t happy. It didn’t help that this wasn’t even his car. The guy starts giving excuses, and my dad interrupts him to say:

This car is practically brand new, to which the guys responds “Well so is mine”. Give me a break! Ridiculous. It was his fault. He should be angry at himself for damaging his own car. It seems I’m shocked every single day by just how bad Utah drivers are. I currently commute to work in Sandy (from Provo) each day, and not a single day goes by where I don’t see at least 2 or more accidents. Come on people! learn to drive! Incompetent drivers cause so much unnecessary congestion on the roads. I understand that sometimes there’s a lot of traffic, but it’s really annoying when there’s no traffic, and we’re all stuck because there are 3 cop cars blocking all by 1 lane. I think the state should heavily punish bad drivers. Possibly doing something like an HOV lane. If you’ve caused an accident in the last 12 months, you should be required to drive in a special lane, and have a big sticker on your car that says Watch out, I’m a bad driver.

Or, conversely, they could have a special reserved lane for drivers who’ve not been in an accident in the last 12 months. Seriously, something should to be done. Some days it takes me 75 minutes to drive less than 30 miles, and there’s not even that much traffic! In reality, however, nothing will be done. Hopefully we’re not far off from a day when computers drive cars, and they don’t crash. (realistically though, those cars computers may run Microsoft Windows, so I think I’d rather drive myself to work).