19 Sep 2009

Denon AVR-2310CI

Just got my Denon AVR-2310CI from . Replaced a new Yamaha V765 (I sold for what I paid for it)

Overall I am happy, but a few thoughts.

I’d read the remote was bad, but it’s just plain AWFUL. Designed for bigfoot.

I don’t like the way you assign inputs. I wish it would just show HDMI 1, 2, 3, Component 1, 2 etc.. like Most other brands.

Honestly, who has equipment that exactly matches up with their labels.

Luckily once it’s setup you can delete DTV, HDP and stupid Radio, and setup favourites.

The Yamaha was 10x more intuitive. I wouldn’t recommend Denon to a n00b.

This is my first Denon, and while I’m sure the inside hardware is great, I feel really let down by the entire user experience. Remote, input Labels & Manual are all done by a 3 year old.

I feel bad for the Electrical Engineers (being one myself) at Denon. Their product is let down by some stupid coworkers

Still,if sound quality is your top priority, then Denon should be in your sights.

It packs 105W per channel (It’s a 7.1 receiver), has the usual 2 zone feature that hardly anyone uses, has 5 HDMI in ports, an HDMI overlay GUI and the brilliant Audyssey auto setup.

My top reasons for getting a Denon were:

It runs very cool (rare for such a powerful receiver). Having owned several Onkyo’s, this was a nice plus!

Has a great upconverting ABT2010 chip (AnchorBay)

Great, neutral sound quality.

Audyssey Multi EQ XT

Thanks to 6ave’s name your price I’ve bought a brilliant receiver that would have usually been way out of my price range (got it for $300 off retail price with free shipping and no tax).

Only now I need to save up for a harmony (all in one) remote.

In the last month I’ve built a Home Theatre for my new apartment.

I’ll take some pictures and post about it in the coming weeks.