Spain are World Champions!

Despite playing in one of the roughest matches I’ve seen in years, Spain was able to finish with its fourth clean sheet in a row.

The dutch are a good team, but they’re a bunch of foulers.

The two most accountable are Van Bommel and de Jong. Van Bommel seemed to do everything possible to foul – and even worse, to annoy the Spanish players into fouling back. Being half Spanish, every time I saw Van Bommel smile and foul at the same time I just got more and more annoyed. Even if I were not half Spanish, watching the Dutch play would have been enough for me to want them to lose.

And here is the worst foul I have ever seen. Somehow he only got a yellow card. The only explanation is that the ref could only see this from a bad angle.

de Jong’s behaviour is absolutely despicable, and  probably not an accident. Considering de Jong is the same guy who just a few months earlier broke Stuart Holden (a USA football player) in a reckless challenge.

Just look at him in the picture. He’s not looking at the ball at all!

This guy should be banned from football for a very, very long time.