13 Sep 2011

Windshield replacement

I was driving a couple of weeks ago when an eighteen-wheeler pulled in front of me. A rock flew up, and put a huge rock chip on my windshield. Within a couple of hours the chip became a foot long crack.

Needing to get it replaced, I called a couple of windshield replacement places for quotes.

I went to SafeLite’s website, filled out my car’s make, model, year etc… and requested a callback with a quote.

Here’s a transcript of the phone call:

CSR: What kind of windshield replacement do you want?

Me: One that fits my car.

CSR: What car do you have?

Me: It should be in your system. I filled out the online form.

CSR: To look up your information, I need your phone number.

Me: You have it. You just called me.

CSR: Oh right, here it is. So, I see there are two different windscreens that fit your car.**

CSR: A regular windshield, and a PAAS windshield. Which would you like?

Me: What’s the difference?

CSR: One of them is PAAS.

Me: What’s that?

CSR: Just a different model. Do you know if you have the regular or PAAS model in your car right now?

Me: You haven’t explained the difference, so how would I know? What’s the difference in price?

CSR: The PAAS is $150 more.

Me: Is it better?

CSR: It’s just different.

Me: Could you get someone on the phone that knows the difference?**

CSR: Um… sure.

Me: Thanks

Supervisor: PAAS stands for Pre-Applied Adhesive System.

Me: So, that means it has a different adhesive?

Supervisor: Yes. In the event of an accident, if won’t fall out.

Me: So the cheaper windshield might just fall out?

Supervisor: I don’t know. Your car manufacturer would be able to better advise you on the differences.

Me: I think I’ll look elsewhere. Thanks.


I forgot to mention, they offered me a lifetime warranty.

Me: Does it cover rockchips?


Me: What does it cover?

CSR: Nothing caused by a collision.

Me: How about vandalism?

CSR: No.

Me: So basically it only covers if my windshield breaks by itself while sitting in my garage overnight?

CSR: Um..