19 Mar 2012

2nd Bangalore trip.

Unlike last year’s rushed trip to Bangalore, this time I went for a week. The flight is 3 legs and takes around 24 hours excluding layovers (depending on your root). So, with layovers, you’re looking at around 30 hours. Not fun. Especially when you’re cramped in Economy. I went Utah-Chicago-Paris-Bangalore. On my outgoing flight I was upgraded to first class. Unfortunately it was the 3 hour Utah-Chicago flight. From there it was two 10+ hour economy flights :(. Even though there’s a 12½ hour time change, it wasn’t that bad. I’ve never really been too affected by jet lag. The first day we got to take a tour around the city. The main attraction was the Shiva Temple. One of the priests there saw us and made us participate in all of the different rituals which ranged from chanting to burning certain symbolic objects.

The rest of the days were of course full days at the office, and then even more work from the hotel afterwards. Of course, the food was great, of which I ate a lot :). The trip was very productive, and I got to meet the rest of my team.

On the way back they’d overbooked the Paris-Chicago flight. Good news for me, as I got upgraded to Business-Elite on the 10 return hour flight. It was great. There’s so much room, I was able to put my seat almost completely flat, and sleep. I still don’t think I’d pay the upgrade difference myself, but I definitely understand why some people do.