18 Jun 2012

Weed Killer

A couple of months ago was the start of running the sprinklers. This also means getting rid of weeds.

I went to Costco to see if they had weed killer. There was a guy there selling garden supplies on behalf of his company, so I asked him. He had some organic natural, blah blah blah very expensive plant nutrient. I asked him if they had weed killer. He replied “This organic nutrient is better. If you put this on your lawn, all of your plants will grow so well that they’ll kill the surrounding weeds.”

When I asked him how it works, he gave a very simplistic answer:

“It is a super nutrient that feeds whatever it touches.”

Hmm.. that just begged my followup question:

“So, if it gives nutrients to everything, and anything that touches it grows like crazy, wouldn’t it also have the same effect on my weeds? Wouldn’t they also grow like crazy?”