24 Oct 2014

Newegg customer service

For several years now, I’ve noticed Newegg customer service get worse and worse. 15 years ago, I used to order computer parts from them all the time. Now that Amazon is carrying more and more electronics, I try to buy from them where possible (their customer service is always great!). Newegg has denied price matching themselves (when something drops in price 2 days after I buy it), denied RMAs, and cancelled orders for no reason. A few years ago they made made their free shipping slower too (presumably to eventually promote an Amazon Prime competitor. Recently though, they added ShopRunner. Since I have an American Express card, I’m eligible for free 2-day shipping (through ShopRunner) at lots of different sites. This is great. They seemed to be trying to compete with Amazon! Only one problem. Their 2-day ShopRunner shipping rarely actually arrives in 2 days. Of the last 4 products I’ve purchased from Newegg (using ShopRunner), 3 of them arrived late. They were all shipped through OnTrac. I called OnTrac, and their customer service was only able to explain that “Yes, it got delayed.” I took to twitter and said the following:

Here is where it gets much worse. I called them at 5pm, and heard the automated response “Hold time is currently 1 hour. Press 2 to get an automated callback.”

I pressed 2 but got no callback for the rest of the night. Then, at 6:30am, I get a call from Newegg. Since I don’t want anyone else to wake up, I quickly grab my phone and hang up the call. 5 minutes later, they call again. Then again 5 minutes after that. What awful, awful service. It’s obvious what happened. When the call centre closed for the night, they still left everyone in the queue, and continued callbacks as soon as the call centre opened up the following morning. Terrible, terrible, terrible.