06 Feb 2017

Goodbye wordpress, hello hugo!

In a previous post I described moving my homepage to hugo hosted on Netlify. Now I finally took the time to move my wordpress blog over using the cocoa-eh theme. I no longer have to worry about updating or patching vulnerabilities! It requires Hugo >=0.18, so initially Netlify was failing to build because they are still defaulting to 0.17. I had to hardcode 0.18 using:

Build Cmd: hugo_0.18

I imagine Netlify want to be careful with hugo upgrades, but it’s not like they’re redeploying your site automatically. They’d just use the latest hugo for new builds. The worst case should be a failure that doesn’t deploy your site. It would probably make sense for Netlify to add a dropdown to the ‘build Cmd’ section. It would simplify things, and you’d know the supported hugo versions. No need to remember the exact syntax, and then guess what versions are available through trial and error (Netlify doesn’t seem to have 0.18.1 yet).

Anyway, so far I’m very happy with the migration. I used the wordpress-to-hugo-exporter plugin to migrate my posts out of wordpress into markdown. Thanks to Netlify, I also moved the site to https. As before, I’m hosting the git repo in gitlab.