01 Apr 2017

Denon AVR-X2300W

Two months ago I bought a 4K TV. The problem was, I was still using a 1080p Denon Receiver, so I was still only able to watch TV at 1080p. I planned on waiting for a good deal on a 4K receiver, and Frys delivered: AVR-X2300W at 50% off, plus they pay the tax. Here is a good review.

Video and Sound are good, the remote is decent, and the UI is marginally improved over my previous 6 year old receiver. But really, what did 6 years of receiver tech get me? Marginally improved UI, support for 4K, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. That’s it! Receivers really haven’t advanced much in years. Probably because it’s the same 3-4 manufacturers, and they have a healthy profit margin without innovating. Just look at this UI design!

Imagine if Apple made a receiver. It would look sleek, only support HDMI, and possibly only support wireless speakers. And the UI would be handled on a phone, with proper modern UI design. Interestingly enough, Denon has released such a receiver. They’ve got rid of all legacy, and it looks fantastic. Unfortunately, it’s pretty expensive, and has some limitations, but it looks like at least Denon got the memo.